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Today, women face challenges in the workplace and business in every region of the world, yet, amidst the challenges women continue to translate barriers into success. Women face unique personal and professional challenges from income and promotion disparities to balancing work and business with family.


Corporate Jewel Professional Women, Inc.

is a 501c3 non-profit designed to equip women for professional,

purpose-driven success.


A global resource for women that provides a supportive environment that encourages confidence and success through life’s circumstances.

What We Do

Corporate Jewel prepares and equips Christian women for career, business and ministry success through personal expansion, professional enhancement and spiritual enrichment. It is our belief that when we as women experience alignment in each area, we find ourselves living out God’s intended purpose for our lives.

Personal Enhancement

Understanding your spiritual gifts, career interests, and personality profile are essential elements that will help you gain insight into who you are and how you are designed, allowing you to deliberately align the changes in your professional and spiritual life to your purpose. Your individual gifts, skills, talents, and interests will provide you a road map to your passions.

Professional Enhancement

Whether it’s gaining a new skill, taking a business course, preparing for a certification, applying new knowledge, or starting a ministry. Taking the right steps to enhance your professional development empowers you to take on more challenging roles or business opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise feel confident in pursuing.

Spiritual Enrichment

Gaining spiritual clarity and relationship with Jesus Christ in order to live a life of purpose, promise, and destiny.

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