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Meet our 2017 Tour Speakers

Kingdom Boss Chicks

Our dynamic, educated, talented, experienced, certified, qualified, undeniably anointed and divinely appointed Corporate Jewel Power Speakers are ready to inspire, empower and impart into your personal, professional and spiritual life.


Our Corporate Jewel speakers are committed to our vision and purpose to equip kingdom women for life success. With this dynamic and powerhouse team of speakers and facilitators you will receive a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of Human Resources, Leadership, Business, Career and Training development, Coaching, and Healing and Restoration; in addition to building financial and strategic acumen.


On every destiny location along the Corporate Jewel tour you will experience exponential growth in the areas of personal expansion, professional enhancement and spiritual enrichment in order to advance your career, business or ministry!

Meet the Kingdom BOSS Chicks who are translating kingdom

principles into workplace, business and ministry success!

Career, Business & Spiritual General Sessions

Personal & Professional Development

Katrena Mayes

Sophornia Davis


Restoration & Healing

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