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Change Your Belief. Be Intentional With Your Time. Increase Your Level of Commitment.

Are You Ready to Produce Results?


Discipline & Preparedness

10 Day Intensive

Feed Your Time & Starve Your Distractions!

The D&PI Program...

The next 10 days will be difficult and challenging, however, I assure you, if you stay the course and resist the urge to quit you will produce from a place of purpose!  


The D&PI 10 Day Intensive is a program designed to help you produce at a higher level and overcome distractions by applying strategies to improve your discipline and focus in the following four areas. 

Area I: Produce Your Product

Area II: Build Your Business & Brand

Area III: Deepen Your Devotion

Area IV: Fitness & Family


What Is It?

A time focused fast designed for you to feed your time and starve your distractions in order to produce results and see profitable and tangible outcomes in your life, career, business, brand, body, and spiritual life. 


Who Can Join? 

You! Through this proven approach last year, over 50 women joined and developed the discipline they needed to accomplish their goals. No more procrastinating and sitting on the sidelines watching other people live their dreams. Write the book, start the business, build the website, focus on your client strategy, increase your daily devotion, work on your fitness goals, spend more time with your kids and your spouse. In 10 days your ability to produce will change and you will accomplish your goals. 


Why Join? 

So you can get over the hump, accomplish your new year resolutions, change your habits, have  accountability partners, dream again and believe more in what's in you than what's distracting you. 


How Does The D&PI Work?  

It is a 10 day program. Yes, 10 days for you to change your belief, enhance your focus, have intentional failure (practice) and gain the discipline needed to produce at the level you desire. The program begins on Monday, July 8th our virtual platform.  You will receive information to access the D&PI once you register for the program. 

There is a 10 day curriculum to include, inspirational videos, articles, discussion, your discipline homework, strategy development, and practice! 


Who Is Leading The D&PI? 

Chief Kingdom BOSS Chick, Dr. Kimberly Ellison! Yes, I will be live on every call, providing you with the discipline and preparedness strategies and solutions to accomplish your goals within the four areas of the program. My goal is to see you produce at a higher level, increase your discipline, receive a return on your sweat equity, increase your profit, build your business, lose weight, increase your prayer, bible study and devotion time or simply reset your life and gain clarity. You are the only thing standing in your way, let's learn how to feed our time and starve our distractions, together! 


What Is The Cost Of The D&PI Program? 

There are no hidden fees or charges. It is 10 days for $37 dollars and you can't get this anywhere! 


Why Is The Program So Cheap? 

Umm, it's not cheap...I made the program affordable so you can produce! I know my value and I know the value of discipline and once you start incorporating the discipline and focus strategies from this program into your daily life, you will know the value of the time you waste! 

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, if you are unable to attend one of the calls you will receive a link to the recorded session.


Can I Get My Money Back?

Unfortunately, the program is time centric, if you can find a way to get time back then you will get your investment back. Matter of factly, if you find out how to get your time back, the investment amount paid for this program will be a drop in the bucket for you! 


The Greatest Cause of Failure is the Lack of Self-Discipline...

About The Program


What is holding you back? Could you get more done on that new business concept or benefit from spending more time on building your brand? How about writing that new best-seller? What would it take to increase your prayer and devotion time and experience the presence of God in your daily life? The key to any successful outcome is discipline. To produce the purpose within, you will have to fight for your focus and discipline in order to be prepared for your next level assignment. The Kingdom BOSS Chick 10-Day Intensive is a time centered "fast" designed to help you become more disciplined and focused in four critical areas of your life. In order to increase your level of preparedness and productivity, the D&P Intensive will require you to "fast" 10 days from time wasting distractions and invest your time in becoming your best self.

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