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Declare your power to pursue self-discipline

and overtake your territory! 

It is time for you to “Experience Your NEXT LEVEL, NOW!”  Everything within your territory belongs to you! Whatever you were born to do is not ahead of you it’s within you and it’s time to discover how Self-Discipline is a demonstration and expectation of fruit manifesting in your life.  Don’t be deceived by your past experiences with inconsistency and distractions planting seeds of doubt to delay your destiny. It’s time to MANIFEST your ability and power to create consistent WINS!


Establishing a practice of Self-Discipline in our lives is a demonstration of the fruit of the Spirit, which means we can consistently experience self-discipline while others witness its power work in our lives. You have the ability and power to execute the spiritual disciplines that produce NEXT LEVEL RESULTS!


Many people never experience their next level because they lack the self-discipline to consistently show up and produce successful and sustainable outcomes. Your power to produce is manifested through your proclivity for persistence. We can no longer allow deadly distractions, killer comforts, and the leeches of life to keep us from claiming and reigning in our territory.


Manifestation happens through belief and behavior it’s not magical or mystical and it requires you to:

  • elevate your level of expectation, 

  • change your faith frequency,

  • align your action with intention and

  • learn how to activate your spiritual disciplines.


Manifest is for you if: 

  • You are unclear about your next level.

  • You lack the strategy and structure of self-discipline.

  • You lack consistency in producing next level outcomes.

  • You are constantly starting and stopping.

  • You jump from idea to idea never experiencing full completion.

  • You lack confidence in your vision.

  • You are ready to experience real change in your daily habits.

  • You have trouble staying focused.

  • You need to transform your fear into faith.

  • You are ready to activate the power of your spiritual disciplines in your business, ministry, career, and life.


MANIFEST takes you on a 7-Day Manifestation journey to strengthen your Self-Discipline using 7-Spiritual Disciplines! It’s time to create  a consistent environment that breeds your Next Level, NOW!

Join me for the next 7-Days as we MANIFEST the power of Self-Discipline to “TAKE BACK” and “TAKE OVER” your territory!

DAY 1: The Power and Posture of Praying with Expectation (Prayer)
DAY 2: The Revelation of Reading & Receiving (Devotion)

DAY 3: The Expectation of the Shift from Seeing to Sight (Faith)

DAY 4: The Discipline of Doing & Expecting (Stewardship)
DAY 5: Meditation through Memorization (Meditation)
DAY 6: Proclaiming Your Promise (Obedience)
DAY 7: Accountability (Community)




Manifesting the life created and called you to live is manifested through your beliefs and behaviors. MANIFEST takes you on a 7-Day journey of development, execution, and producing! If you want to experience consistent WINS and increase your self-discipline, it’s time to MANIFEST!  

Apr 24, 2021, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Manifest Virtual Event
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